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Based in Melbourne Australia, 19 year old singer songwriter Alzzy is an artist with an outlook beyond her years.

Uniquely combining her love of acoustic pop with aspects of RnB and Folk influence, Alzzy creates a complete sound of her own.

From being Battle of the Sounds Southern Metro winner, to securing a monthly residency at the Yarraville Club, to guest appearances at Ronald McDonald House events, Toyota Open Days and Conferences, and on local radio stations, Alzzy is a well rounded, accomplished performer with a wealth of experience on Melbourne’s busy performance scene.

She has also completed a round of festival gigs at festivals such as St Kilda, Frankston, Mornington Busking, and Forest Edge Music Festival, that she has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.

Alzzy’s debut EP, ‘Find My Way’ was released in 2017, and is centred around the thoughts, ideas and life experiences of her 16-year-old-self. The laid-back, acoustic-driven nature of this EP takes listeners on a journey, conveying a real honesty and authenticity.

With a dedication like no other to her artistic endeavours, Alzzy strives to continually grow and develop her craft and musical influence, as both a performer/recording artist, and a songwriter.

Alzzy hopes that through the music she creates, people may be inspired, encouraged, and even challenged to realise their own potential.



Find My Way

Find My Way
1. Mirror Mirror 03:50
2. Meant To Be 03:44
3. Back To The Start 04:21
4. Find My Way 04:29
5. Opened My Eyes 03:39
6. I'm Ready 03:36


Go Back

Go Back - Alzzy Music
1. Go Back 03:43